Does your company act as a unified team?

Does your company act as a unified team?

How is your organization set up? Is it centralized or decentralized? Maybe it’s matrixed? Is it oriented towards geography? Customer segment? Product set?

Organizational design is an important factor in running a successful firm. It is the means by which culture, rules, norms, metrics and rewards are all set. If these benchmarks are not aligned to structure, success is impossible.

Organizational design receives enormous attention—and rightly so—but far less time is spent on creating a unified sense of culture across a firm or even a team.

The truth of the matter is that many firms function less as organizations and more as individuals who sometimes collaborate and work together. This can be as true for the mega-large multi-national that has grown through mergers and acquisition as it is for the small mom and pop venture.

Lack of team unity—no matter the scale—is a sin that many organizations can get away with for a while, but eventually, there will be a day or reckoning.

At best, lack of team unity can impair a firm’s strategy; at worst, it can reduce teams to fiefdoms that squabble over resources and credit for mediocre results.


How well does your organization function? Do you feel that teams work as unified groups, or as disparate collections of individuals? Do you feel you lose time explaining the same things over and over? Maybe it’s time to give us a call.

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