Finding it hard to engage your colleagues?

Finding it hard to engage your colleagues?

Are you a manager finding it tough to break through to the folks who report to you? Maybe you’re a team leader, and you can’t find a way to engage your peers. Maybe you’re struggling to find a way to connect to your reporting manager.

The fact is that people at all levels of an organization can find it challenging to really engage with others in meaningful dialogue. Such interactions are important for an organization to perform well, and even more critical when times are tough and business challenges abound.

Ironically, it is exactly in such times when open and honest feedback is the most difficult to come by.

The reasons for this are several-fold; in most organizations, the following are generally true:

  • Success is often viewed as “part of the job” while failures are punished
  • Creativity and bold approaches are frowned upon
  • Group think tends to dominate discussion because it is perceived as “safe”

In most cases, what is maximizing to the individual is often disastrous for the organization. Firms that fail to take risks rarely seize opportunities for break-through innovation. Novel approaches to seemingly old problems are never explored, and innovation, at best, becomes a process of describing old behavior in new terms.

In such cases, firms that are serious about growth and innovation need to get serious about meaning what they say and saying what they mean. Leadership by example is a must, and that leadership needs to come from the top of an organization and permeate through every molecule of the company’s DNA.

This more than top brass holding executive getaways so that they can speak honestly among each other. An open and honest culture needs to find its way into every fiber of a firm’s operations, activities, performance evaluations and compensation schemes.

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