Marketing is central to a firm’s growth

Marketing is central to a firm’s growth

Just a few short years ago, marketing was a function that was handed orders and asked to deliver. In today’s world of big data, and the shifting roles of CIOs and CMOs, this model just won’t work any longer.

Today’s firms need a more holistic approach whereby marketing is a process in which every part of the firm engages. In order to meet a company’s strategic and financial goals, firms need to ensure that marketing is a function that includes:

  • Product development
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Brand management & brand equity
  • Short-term financial metrics (cash flow, revenue & profit)
  • Longer-term ROI metrics like the NPV of a campaign or customer over time

Marketing is increasingly turning into a strategic function at many firms, and one where decisions are less about “look and feel” and more about hard financial metrics. Companies that heed the trends and advice described in this paper are already one step ahead of the competition. The next step is to revamp the process by which marketing efforts are designed and the metrics by which they are evaluated.

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