Why the CIO and CMO need to work together

Why the CIO and CMO need to work together

CIOs have historically served as business enablers, taking responsibility for the enterprise technologies that allow firms to manage their businesses. CMO’s have historically been tasked with designing, implementing and managing marketing efforts that support sales. The former has traditionally been a more analytical role, while the latter has traditionally been more creative.

Those days are over. In today’s data-rich digital marketing eco-system, both CIOs and CMOs need to move beyond these stereotypical role definitions in order to develop and manage a holistic, real-time, 360-degree view of prospects and customers. For the CIO, this requires an understanding of the customer insights necessary to make sense of data. For the CMO, this means turning these insights into informed decisions about where and how to invest marketing dollars so as to generate more sales and profits.

Data-rich environments sit at the center of these two vectors and provide a great means by which the CIO and CMO can partner and support each other. In partnership, the CIO and CMO can share the roles of designing the user experience most likely to yield the greatest insights and / or sales outcomes given each of their respective areas of subject matter expertise.

This, in turn, requires more than collaboration. It requires the organizational will to support this partnership, the willingness to take guidance from insights delivered as a result, and the platforms necessary to harness and interrupt the data necessary to facilitate all of the above.

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