Social Media for Insurance is all Grown Up

Social Media for Insurance is all Grown Up

Back in 2011, as few as 20% of insurance carriers had a social media strategy in place. As of 2013, about 80% of carriers have a social media presence with some measure of dedicated resources, but a third lack any formalized strategy. While the insurance industry has made great progress, it is unclear how effective these efforts are.

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Despite all the time, effort and money that carriers have invested in social media, results are off to a slow start. As few as 7% of insurance policy holders interact with carriers through social media, and interaction is typically limited to “liking” an update on Facebook or watching an advertisement on YouTube.

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This means that there is an enormous disconnect between the efforts and goals set forth by carriers and the results and behaviors exhibited by customers. Moreover, to the extent that any engagement is taking place, it is the traditional, one-directional response typically associated with traditional marketing efforts.

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