The Beauty of No

The Beauty of No

There are no shortage of folks who write about the “power of yes”. Visualize a positive outcome, and it will be yours—or so they say.

Like most people, I like it when things go my way, and “yes” is a very powerful, if not empowering word.


But the word “yes” simply does not compare to the beauty of the word “no”.

Think about it for a moment; how many times have you secretly wanted to say “no” but passed on the opportunity?

  • No, I don’t want to attend this meeting.
  • No, I am not interested in this new gadget that I can’t afford.
  • No, I don’t have time to see you next week.
  • No, I really don’t want to see that movie.

No is a beautiful word. It conveys a measure of honesty with the person to whom we are speaking, and it frees us of meetings and events that we don’t really value—not to mention the amount of time it adds back into our lives.

Then, too, there is the beauty of receiving an answer of “no”. How many times have you sat wondering about the outcome of a critical event; how many of those times were you less invested in a positive outcome and more interested in final resolution? Those are exactly the sorts of situations when “no” is a beautiful response.

Giving and receiving the word “no” often frees us of worry and anxiety, bringing a real measure of focus back into our days, if not our lives.

That’s far from being a negative word…. And that’s the beauty of no.

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