Gamification: What it is and How to Win

Gamification: What it is and How to Win

Every now and again, some business pundit invents a word so new that Google recognizes it before MS Office can autocorrect it. Gamification is one of those new words. It might be tempting to throw gamification into the same “consultant speak” library, but the truth is that gamification is big.

At root, gamification uses game-based thinking to engage people in what are otherwise every day, mundane tasks; these range from HR training to loyalty marketing programs and just about everything in between.


In 2014, businesses will spend about $1BN on gamification, and that figure will rise to nearly $5.5BN by 2018.

Most of that will be spent on marketing programs, though nearly 40% will be allocated towards training.

Still think gamification is a passing fad? Think again….

Whether you’re interested in gamification platforms for compliance, customer acquisition, training, retention, marketing or any other purpose, we’ve taken the liberty of outlining the components necessary to drive a winning gamification user experience.



Gamers are motivated by the recognition of others within their social networks; any efforts at mobile sweeps need to include an element that enhances the gamer’s reputation among his / her peers. Examples might include badges, points, teams and the like.



Competition is the process by which status is status is earned and / or elevated. Competition between participants is core to achieving a successful gamification platform.



Most gamification efforts are designed to influence customer behavior; one means of accomplishing this is to design milestones and “mini accomplishments” into the gamification platform. Milestones are the basis of rankings and core to sustaining ongoing interest.



More than a simple tally of who is better, rankings require a rich visual display of superiority across a varying number of dimensions. Varying the dimensions of competition into a visualized ranking allows more opportunities to engage users in the hope and chance to win.


Social interaction

As a natural extension of the previously mentioned elements, social connectivity has become a core element of most gamification efforts. Social connectivity is the bridge by which status, competition, milestones and rankings can be shared across a users’ network of friends and to engage new users to the gamification platform.



Customized user experienced, is a core element of what keeps users coming back to gamification platforms. This may occur within the gaming type (exploration, competition, puzzles), the prize or the promotional offers.

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