Introducing StratMark: More Revenue, More Quickly, More Profitably

Introducing StratMark: More Revenue, More Quickly, More Profitably

StratMark is a unique blend of strategy and marketing based on proven results with Fortune 500 firms. StratMark takes these proven strategies and makes them available to smaller firms.

Today, the Kabardian Group is proud to announce the launch of our new service offering, StratMark. More details on StratMark can be found at the link below:

StratMark is based on over a decade of experience developing proven growth strategies for successful Fortune 500 firms. StratMark takes these successful strategies and provides them in a simple and cost-effective program that can help businesses of any size develop the internal and external strategies necessary to achieve growth and improved profitability.

StratMark provides a comprehensive, cost-effective strategic blueprint for a business to achieve its goals, both short- and long-term.

StratMark is comprised of two components delivered over five modules.

  • Part I: Series of in-depth, personal facilitations with a senior business adviser, and;
  • Part II: Delivery of a comprehensive blueprint for business growth including a Strategic Revenue Plan and Go-to-Market Plan.

StratMark achieves this through a series of modules designed to identify, diagnose and validate growth opportunities for a business; these modules include the following:

  • Analyze the competitive landscape
  • Review key economic and operational drivers of the business
  • Identify strategic opportunities for growth
  • Audit previous sales and marketing processes
  • Define strategic initiatives that are financially validated

To celebrate the launch of StratMark, we are offering a number of free, 90-minute complimentary consultations to select businesses. During the course of these 90-minute consultations, clients will receive:

  • A personalized, 90-minute session with a seasoned executive
  • A FREE copy of the complete StratMark methodology
  • A FREE Strategic Revenue Plan that we’ll build during our 90-minute session
  • Tips and advice based a decade of proven growth and success from large, Fortune 500 firms
  • To learn more about StratMark, or to request a free 90-minute consultation, feel free to visit our web site at

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you soon!