Why Small Business Consulting Can Work

Why Small Business Consulting Can Work

Every business needs resources in order to grow and succeed. Resources can take many shapes and forms; these include: talent, advice, capital, strategic alliances and a myriad of others.

Somewhat paradoxically, businesses that need resources the most—small businesses, for example—have the most difficulty in acquiring the resources they need to grow.

Attracting, hiring and retaining (let alone affording) top talent for a small business can be challenging.

Getting a bank loan, developing an advisory board, getting access to senior decision-makers—these can all be difficult (and sometimes impossible) for small businesses to achieve.

That’s why many companies believe that consulting for small business is not an option; there are many reasons for this. Many business leaders might believe that:

  • Consulting for small business is simply not affordable
  • Consulting for small business is unrealistic
  • Consulting for small business won’t add any value

All of these are simply false. The truth is that small business consultants do exist, and many of them are quite affordable, delivering real value to the clients they serve.

So what are the hallmarks of a good small business consultant? The best small business consultants are those that follow the same principles that larger firms follow; these include the following:

  • Putting the client’s interest first, no matter what
  • Delivering clear, honest and respectful advice
  • Rolling up sleeves and doing the work that delivers results

The best small business consultants, though, are those that take these principles one step further and cater to smaller businesses. Consulting for small business requires that the best small business consultants seek to:

  • Avoid the use of industry jargon or seek to intimidate their clients
  • Package their services into programs with fixed prices
  • Define short-term, tangible results as the metrics by which they will be evaluated

At the expense of appearing self-serving, this is the exact approach we’ve taken at the Kabardian Group. Our StratMark growth program was designed with small businesses in mind and fits all of the criteria set above. For more information, you can check out our consulting for small business offering here: stratmark.kabardian.com.

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