Business Intelligence

Spotting key trends before others do is the key to innovating and beating the competition. Although the hallmark of a successful business leader is the ability to make informed decisions in the absence of perfect information, all too often, many are operating entirely in the dark.

The Kabardian Group can help your organization unlock the power of your data to drive the insights necessary to make faster, smarter decisions. As a leader in business intelligence, we offer a unique approach to developing the analytics and tools necessary to help our clients develop greater comfort with their data science functions and implement visualization dashboards that inform all their key stakeholders.

We help connect data across platforms and integrate it into a series of simple, easy to understand, interactive dashboards that every day business people can use. We do this by combining best practices from software development into the field of business intelligence. We borrow from agile software development to quickly and iteratively identify the core 4 – 6 key performance indicators (KPIs) and use cases necessary to deliver value. We then continue to expand and refine upon our core efforts one step at a time. This ensures that our engagements are robust, quick and economical. It also provides a near real-time feedback loop that ensures the quality and appropriateness of our final work product.

Data science

There is no shortage of buzz terms thrown around when it comes to data, and just a few years, the term “data science” didn’t exist. All too often, companies are not short of data—they need help structuring and mining their data so that they can identify meaningful insights.

Data scientists sift through the mass of data to make synchronistic discoveries that add structure to an otherwise formless mass of data and bring insightful and impactful analysis to play in such a way that actionable insights can be drawn. Given that the pipeline of data never stops flowing, a skilled data scientist must engage in a rich conversation with data while remaining attuned to its ebb and flow. The data scientist must also be adept at communicating both what was discovered and its implications for the direction of future business growth. This includes data visualizations that bring their insights to light and make connections between data points clear and compelling, such that high-level executives can make decisions on the underlying implications for products, business process, and decisions.

In the emerging field of data science, there is a severe supply-demand problem; there simply are not enough talented, knowledgeable individuals to meet the demand for this skill set, and enterprise growth is blocked as a result. For managers, the present challenge is to identify, recruit, vitalize, and retain this talent within the organization.

Fortunately, the Kabardian Group can help. We’ve been analyzing and structuring data for over 15 years—long before the term “data scientist” was coined. We can augment efforts when staff is short, or execute on project-specific goals. With a shortage of data scientists, we can leverage our base of talent to help you achieve your desired outcome in a timely manner.

Advanced analytics

Businesses can leverage the power of data and advanced analytics to create profound insights for growth. Yet only a small fraction – less than 5% by most estimates—are successfully able to combine the right tools and data necessary to take advantage of the data they already have.

While data is all about recording what you do, analytics is about mining that data to identify key trends. Insights from this process can often lead to clear and compelling competitive advantage. Companies that take stock of analytics and data to make operational, product-level, or service-level change can dramatically improve their financial performance vis-à-vis key players in their industry.

There is a real gap here, and the Kabardian Group can equip your organization with the infrastructure and underlying abilities to begin using advanced analytics to nurture business growth. Uniting technological and strategic solutions, we can supply your business with the right capabilities for the type of data mining that will enable smarter decision-making and deliver lasting value.

We also help our clients to improve efficiency and operational effectiveness by digging in and understanding the many ways that data and analytics can advise enterprise performance.

We know that there is no all-in-one solution for businesses, and so we help our clients to build the robust type of advanced analytics to support future growth, advanced reporting, and capability building. Driven by more than 15 years of expertise in business intelligence and reporting, the Kabardian Group assists clients in all industries to deploy the power of big data and analytics to gain a competitive edge, increase revenue, and increase performance.

Data visualization

Data visualization refers to the process of using pictures or graphs to presentation data in a manner that makes it easy to understand, digest, draw insights in, and act on the information presented. By creating data visualizations, your business can ensure that all key stakeholders attain an understanding of the information that is at hand, and that they can easily discuss and plan the appropriate next steps. It takes far less time to grasp the meaning of disparate data points when they are displayed visually, as opposed to in graphs, charts, or spreadsheets.

With the astronomic growth of data, it is simply no longer an option to represent the vast amount of information needed to draw informed insights on a spreadsheet. Even if it were possible to put all of the relevant information onto a single spreadsheet, the information would become distorted when the spreadsheet was printed out, and would sit in a huge report on the desk of key stakeholders.

The Kabardian Group’s approach to data visualization turns analytic results into visual representations that engage, inform, and inspire. Our visualizations dig deeply into raw data the actionable insights suggested by the data points in a way that key stakeholders can interpret. This ensures staff time and energy can be dedicated to identifying what factors are in play, what changes need to be made, and how to best proceed.

When data is presented visually, decision makers across industries and organizations are able to quickly and accurately see where improvements should be made, understand why customers behave the way they do, forecast product performance or sales volumes, and strategize how to increase revenue while cutting expenses.

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