Customer Strategy & Marketing

Customer engagement is essential for sustained growth, which is why it is necessary for companies in all industries to have a comprehensive strategy for attracting and retaining customers. The Kabardian Group offers in-depth, data-driven customer insights that can help your business to set and execute a successful customer strategy. We transform the building blocks of growth to help your business capitalize on your best opportunities, identify roadblocks, and solve problems that are preventing your customer strategy from succeeding.

We work with clients across industries to:

Customer insights and segmentation

Customer insights stand at the core of many business and strategic decisions and require an honest assessment of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This unique blend of internal and external perspectives is what allows a company to understand its customers’ unmet needs and how it can best address those needs while differentiating itself from the competition. In most cases, these efforts require a data-driven approach to identify and quantify customer satisfaction and improve those metrics over time.

The Kabardian Group works with our clients to implement effective customer segmentation models that provide differentiated and value-added customer experiences on a one-to-one level. This allows our clients to avoid a shot-gun methodology that treats all customers the same and provide a laser-guided approach that delivers the right experience to the right customer at the right time. Working with market researchers, statistical analysts, and business leaders, we can provide insights at every stage of your customer value chain and deliver the insights necessary to improve your customer share of wallet, retention and customer lifetime value.

We can help you to design and implement an effective customer strategy that meets your business needs, exceeds customer expectations, and delivers on your mission and goals while delivering on your financial goals. Leveraging qualitative and quantitative techniques, we are able to unlock hidden insights that help our clients develop deep and authentic relationships with loyal customers and recruit new engagements that will drive growth.

Ultimately, this helps our clients make smarter decisions, target the right opportunities, and realize their full potential in terms of growth and profitability without the stress that comes with worrying about brand perception and customer loyalty.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Effective customer relationship management (CRM) is at the heart of all successful businesses across industries. The Kabardian Group can help businesses identify their existing customer segments, refine a course of action that keeps these core customers satisfied, innovate with customer-centric strategies, and make use of processes and tools that better support healthy customer relationship management.

We offer CRM services in channel strategy, customer acquisition, customer retention, and organizational design and transformation. Our CRM services blend consulting methods to uncover the information and the tools necessary to identify and manage your segments, better satisfy customers, and build on your strengths, while acknowledging the ways in which your product or service model is unique.

Channel strategy

Our channel strategy services help clients to fully understand and take advantage of the vast array of opportunities to better compete and grow their business. The Kabardian Group helps our clients allocate the appropriate level of resources necessary to optimize multi-channel sales efforts and build the organizational and operational capacity to sustain these efforts over time.

The result is our ability to deliver longstanding impact that drive demonstrable financial improvement for our clients.

New customer acquisition

Customer acquisition is often at the heart of an sustained growth effort, and while it is often easier to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one, many businesses fail to link these two efforts. In the digital era, it is challenging to acquire new customers without leveraging existing, loyal customers. A generation ago, this would have been referred to as “word of mouth marketing” In the digital era, this is often achieved via social media marketing.

The Kabardian Group helps our client develop the strategies and implement the tactics necessary to fill the sales funnel and improve sales conversion at every step of the way. We understand that every business brings a unique value proposition, and requires a new customer acquisition strategy leverages what the business does best. We do not deliver a one-size-fits-all approach, and instead tailor our services to the size, needs, and niche of your business and your customers. Our new customer acquisition service includes a careful evaluation and adjustment of any processes, activities, technologies, and tools necessary to attract and engage new customers.

Customer loyalty and retention

Loyal customers are not only more profitable customers, they are business evangelists, and in fact are a vital part of the formula for sustained, profitable growth – something that eludes the vast majority of companies. Yet many of our clients struggle with how best to create lasting loyalty with their customers. We can help your business to identify and nurture promoters, as well as to create clear, organic pathways to business loyalty throughout the organization infrastructure.

Customer loyalty is not always the same as customer retention, and not every customer is a good customer. Loyalists may love a brand, but fail to make repeat purchases. At the same time, repeat purchases from customers that buy your least profitable offerings while consuming customer service resources may not deliver the financial performance you seek. Customer loyalty and retention is the means by which a business builds profitable, repeat transactional relationships with customers and build value that benefits the company and customer alike.

The Kabardian Group can help your organization identify and target its most valuable customers by leveraging the tools, data and processes necessary to build customized customer interactions and ensure that you treat your customers the way they want to be treated and achieve profitability from doing so.
Customer loyalty is a long-tail solution that requires patience, determination, and the sincere desire to please and maintain satisfied customers. There is no short-term payoff in terms of loyalty, and it is vital to break this expectation if your business wants to nurture a culture of loyal consumer and employee evangelists.

When executed over time, these processes can both help companies to understand specifically how loyalty gives them a competitive advantage, it can lower the costs associated with customer relationships, and it can incentivize sustained growth.

Product and category management

Product management is vital to meeting customer needs, driving sustained growth, and ensuring ongoing relevance in your industry. We help businesses lower the barriers to innovation, think creatively about the state of affairs, align future product development with customer-driven feedback, and ultimately improve the company’s value proposition in the marketplace.

While product design is a necessary part of product management, it is not the only part. Effective product design strategy must ensure that innovation, design, and development are in line with the business’s best chance for desired future growth. More than a one-time product fix, this process streamlines and simplifies the entire product development lifecycle so that our clients can leverage their strengths and successes into repeat wins.

By offering innovative, out-of-the-box visioning and an atmosphere of collaborative engagement, the Kabardian Group can deliver effective product and category management strategies to drive growth and grow revenue. If your business wants to become more innovative and stand out in your niche, yet struggles with determining how to do so, we can unlock your potential for innovation with an approach designed to improve your product development lifecycle and shorten speed to market.


Although pricing is a very powerful lever of profitability, few businesses employ a formal pricing function, strategy or methodology. In many cases, this means that few businesses take a formalized approach to maximizing the profitability of the customer value they deliver. Often, this leads to pain points in an organization when businesses are trapped between a desire to improve profitability by raising prices, but concerned about a decrease in revenue when demand falls to meet a higher price.

At the Kabardian Group, this is a challenge we have come to understand well, and we have the tools necessary to measure and test price changes before they are made and the frameworks necessary to roll out an improved pricing strategy that can improve both revenue and profit impact at the same time.
In most cases, the impact is quite impressive. Typically speaking, a one percent increase in price can deliver a 10x increase in profitability, and it’s not uncommon for our clients to achieve a 20x ROI on our services.

Our approach blends qualitative and quantitative insights to understand:

  1. What do customers find valuable?
  2. What is the relative weighting of those factors of value?
  3. How do those weights impact price?
  4. How are those variables delivered at each stage of the customer life-cycle?

This approach is designed to aligned identify perceived customer value and then align messaging to customer perception as a means of maximizing price. Our pricing methodology is often accompanied by our customer segmentation services, especially in cases where clients are looking for real-time, pricing or price discrimination.

We know that pricing means different things across industries, and that every business needs a customized solution that meets its specific need at the moment. The Kabardian Group offers the tools necessary to develop a custom-fit pricing solution that works in the present, is aligned with future growth, and truly supports the strategic, competitive and financial needs of our clients.

Sales and channel effectiveness

Very few successful companies operate in a single-channel environment. It is not uncommon to see enterprises operating across traditional and digital channels, inclusive of in-person, wholesale, retail, phone and Internet sales. It’s one thing to sell through multiple channels; it is quite another to sell in a multi-channel environment, and doing so does not always mean that sales opportunities are optimized.

At the Kabardian Group, we’ve worked with clients ranging from large, Fortune 500 firms to innovative start-ups, and we understand what it means to develop a multi-channel strategy that is differentiated in the market place, value-added to the customer and profitable to the company.

We take a comprehensive tool to evaluate sales channels on an apples-to-apples basis and provide clear line of site into the unit economics of each channel. This allows our clients to make informed decisions around where and how best to allocate resources and ensure that each sales dollar returns its maximum revenue potential.

Depending on the channel and the nature of the client, our approach draws upon the areas of organizational change, operations and finance to evaluate the best means of revenue optimization for our clients. Combined with our data analytics services, we help our clients make the operational improvements necessary to achieve success across all their sales channels.

Marketing promotions

Promotional strategy means getting the right offer in front of the right customer at the right time. All too often, companies confuse “discounts” with “promotions”, and this could not be further from the case. Our tool kit includes over 72 different marketing promotions that can be used to help:

By leveraging high-level insights with a fresh and innovative “outside in” perspective, we can reinvigorate marketing programs, ensuring that customer experience is aligned to brand messaging, and your promotional efforts incentivize the most profitable form of customer behavior.

We ask the right questions to get at the heart of your business’s value, differentiation, and objectives. We then work with you to build a promotional strategy that reinforces your key messaging and drives revenue growth.

A well-defined promotional program has the power to transform customer experience, differentiate in the market place and deliver growth to revenue and profits. When combined with our customer segmentation and pricing offerings, our promotional services can help transform a company’s financial results.

Customer experience

It is one thing to acquire a new customer. It is another to retain that customer, but transforming customers into brand loyalists who tell all their friends about your business can be a powerful driver of growth. This can only be achieved through excellence in customer experience.

Acquiring, retaining and motivating customers to share your brand with all their friends is not a matter of luck; it is a matter of clear strategy and flawless execution. Two key indicators that drive customer experience, include the consistency of product and service delivery and the degree of satisfaction in the interaction. Both are often a matter of managing and delivering on customer expectations. This often requires coordination between departments ranging from product to marketing to customer service, and is easier said than done.

The Kabardian Group takes a customer-centric approach to achieving the above. Our first step is to identify the “as is” state of what your brand promises and how existing customer experience is aligned (or not) to that promise. We then work on a cross-functional basis to identify what the “to be” customer experience should be, incorporating feedback from key stakeholders from product, marketing and finance to ensure that the “to be” customer experience is realistic, communicated effectively and profitable for your company.

We often will then incorporate external competitive scans into our methodology to determine how the new “to be” customer experience compares to the competition, and whether the new experience is aligned to your company’s brand promise.

We then deliver our final recommendations and work in tandem with client stakeholders to transform plans into action and ensure that the new “to be” customer experience is delivered. At each step of the way, we ensure that we are aware of cultural, organizational and operational issues, and we also design a set of key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure that we are enhancing value to customer and to our clients alike.

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