Interim Management

Perhaps more than any other service we provide, interim management typifies the spirit of offering sound counsel when it really matters. In our experience, there is no situation more critical than a struggling organization that lacks solid, proven leadership.

When business becomes stagnant and profits spiral downward, there is literally no time to wait. At a moment’s notice, our seasoned managers become ready to assume C-level roles within client companies. Our senior professionals are experienced at establishing corporate priorities, building morale, and creating a positive and energized vision for the organization to rally around. They step swiftly into a variety of management roles, establish a sense of calm and progress, build morale, and refocus employees’ attention. Our professionals take responsibility for initiating as well as implementing corrective plans, while at the same time communicating with all stakeholders. As part of our interim roles, we help clients search for the best-suited candidate, and we won’t rest until a qualified permanent replacement has been retained and a transition plan completed.

Interim chief marketing officer (CMO) services

The role of the CMO is continuing to change and evolve; the CMO of today is spending more on technology than the CIO of yesterday, and for many companies, it is not uncommon to spend 15 – 25% of revenue on marketing.

These new realities require a new set of skill sets that are not easy to find, as demand exceeds the supply. Our experienced professionals come with decades of C-level experience and feel as comfortable in the language of finance, operations and strategy as in the language of marketing and promotions. Our clients typically turn to us for interim CMO services under a number of scenarios, including the following:



Put simply, our interim CMO’s speak the language of:
The CEO: Strategy— understand and enable future growth opportunities
The CFO: Finance— appreciate the need to translate marketing metrics into financial results
The CIO: Technology— leverage IT as a strategic enabler of business

Our interim CMOs have experience in the domains of management consulting, private equity, investment banking and Fortune 500 executive leadership. Our interim executives also draw upon the broader Kabardian Group domain expertise in the areas of growth strategy, profitability improvement and business transformation.

Whether you are a board of directors, law firm overseeing a bankruptcy, private equity firm with a new portfolio holding or a management team looking to grow, the Kabardian Group can help.

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