Business Strategy

Strategy is more than just a plan for your business, it is a necessary tool to get results, impress clients, and stand out in a crowded marketplace – no matter your industry. At the Kabardian Group, we work with companies in many different industries to develop business strategies that deliver lasting, measurable performance improvement.

For the last 15 years, careful evaluation and strategic planning has been at the heart of the Kabardian Group’s services. During that time period, we have helped thousands of clients develop and deliver innovative business strategies.

We believe that business strategy should provide a custom solution that meets your business where it is now, clearly identifies the challenges that it faces, and charts a strong course forward. We turn strategic planning into an actionable, vibrant process that generates ideas that draw upon your stated business goals to create innovative change and deliver lasting value to your business. Our collaborative approach allows us to truly help your organization effect change from the inside out, while nurturing your inherent strength and capabilities.

We truly see what others do not, and use our inspired vision to guide our clients to commit to making strategic improvements that are necessary for success. We thrive on offering our clients end-to-end solutions that go beyond strategy to successful implementation and financial growth.

Fundamentals of growth

Sustained growth is a real challenge for companies. Ninety percent of businesses fail to achieve it, with just one in 10 companies experiencing sustained growth. Too often, business executives find themselves unable to come close to achieving their full potential because of the complexity of underlying business processes. By exposing untapped potential and redesigning business processes from the ground up, our consultants maintain a calm and positive attitude of progress while making real revolutionary change happen.

At the Kabardian Group, we make our client’s goals our top priorities, and work together with our clients to help everyone develop their full potential and refine business processes to eliminate redundancies and inefficiencies. Such change agents do not need to be expensive or risky to be effective; the Kabardian Group has helped clients across industries design, evaluate, and implement growth plans of differing scope. This cuts costs and exposes untapped avenues of growth. By committing to this process and following through on results, our clients are then able to achieve real, profitable growth even when the odds are stacked against them. We can help your business to thrive by simplifying processes, cutting complexities, and focusing on the heart of what your business does, so you can do it better.

Many of our clients in mature markets come to us when they want to expand their horizons, yet end up diversifying too far in the name of growth. By taking a step back and applying a critical eye to business processes, we can help our clients expand from their strengths. Our clients can then learn to replicate their successes without introducing complexities into the process that clog the pipeline, distract from the mission, or bloat back-end costs.

Other times, companies “hit the wall” and find that they are flailing or are unable to redefine their core. In these cases, when innovative and experienced leadership is vital to the very existence of the organization, our senior professionals are able to step in, stabilize the present environment, and really be the change agents needed to develop comprehensive solutions for custom business needs.

Corporate strategy

Corporate strategy is the set of actions that your business takes to create and deliver value that truly exceeds the sum of its parts. Sustained and profitable growth is at the heart of effective corporate strategy. The Kabardian Group has over 15 years of demonstrated experience helping companies across industries commit to making lasting, measurable performance improvements and achieve sustained growth.

We believe firmly that the most successful corporate strategies offer lasting value, look to the future, and provide actionable progress toward achievable goals. As such, corporate strategies must ensure that enterprise resources truly go where they will make the biggest impact, that value exceeds the sum of its parts, and that improvements undertaken will enhance the company’s competitive advantage.

Working together with our clients, we first identify the metrics of superior performance and then develop initiatives and processes that dovetail with what is already working well to achieve performance results. Drawing on data, we help our clients to develop unique corporate strategies that are specific, innovative, actionable, and, above all, results-oriented.

An effective plan also anticipates future trends, unexpected changes, and risk, and builds in resilience and flexibility to make a corporate strategy that is adaptable to environmental change. Most importantly, a successful corporate strategy must be actionable so that it can be communicated to internal and external stakeholders, while serving as a road map for business units at all levels.

Business unit strategy

Business unit strategy means making enterprise decisions on product offerings, market segments, and competitive advantage. In these cases, we help our clients to make strategic choices and commit to innovative change that will ultimately enhance profits. Whether undertaken as part of an annual planning effort or during a full business turnaround, our business unit strategy consulting can refine your existing business processes to better serve your customers and achieve your goals.

At the Kabardian Group, we strive to help our clients take advantage of the business’s full economic potential by ensuring that all decision makers have a thorough, up-to-date understanding of how product offerings, market segments, and competitive advantages play out in the organization.

By focusing on identifying what challenges exist and how to implement an effective end-to-end solution, our team of experts simplifies and clarifies the way forward, removing obstacles to growth. We work with our clients to examine the underpinnings of business strategy, construct a robust foundation for growth, make inspired choices that are informed by competitive advantage, and develop results-oriented strategies that effect needed change.

Digital strategy

The digital era provides a range of challenges and opportunities, and defines a “new normal” for many businesses. Businesses in all industries continue to review and revise their approach to digital technologies and trends, drawing on best practices to create the growth that is afforded by the digital age. In many instances, this can be difficult, overwhelming or downright intimidating.

At the Kabardian Group, we help our clients to develop and deploy digital strategies that increase business efficiencies and across-the-board financial performance. We work with our clients to identify the advantages inherent to their businesses and leverage them through digital efforts. We assist business leaders in realizing the growth opportunities that are inherent in digital and leverage data to reduce inefficiencies and streamline process to improve speed and customer service.

We work with our clients to identify the means by which digital initiatives can best support their strengths and shore up their vulnerabilities through a robust consulting process that includes discussion of key questions such as:

Organization design and transformation

When transformation is necessary, stakeholders in the business may be too close to see what is truly needed. It is not uncommon to get fail to see the forest through the trees. In such times, it can be helpful to get outside perspective and support. Organization design and transformation covers the underlying structure and strategy that inform your business’s business processes and operations. It covers marketing, distribution, customer support, and financial reporting.

At the Kabardian Group, we believe that strategy, operations and organization are inextricably linked. We take a holistic approach to help design and transform your organization to meet your strategic goals and achieve your financial targets. Although we are fact-driven, we also understand and value the role that culture and personality plays during times of transition. That’s why we take the time to engage your stakeholders and ensure that everyone is engaged in the process and outcomes associated with our efforts.

This unique blend of hard and soft skills is guided by a rigorous project and resource management complement that helps your company to objectively review its current “as is” design, its future “to be” state and charge the course necessary to move from point A to point B. We also help our clients determine the metrics necessary to track progress and course-correct along the way.


Innovation is a bit like fine art. We cannot always define it, but we know what it is when we see it. More often than not, business leaders know that they must innovate but cannot tell the difference between good and bad innovations or find it “too hard” to sustain creative thinking in the corporate environment. Our team of experts brings the creative vision to guide our clients to merge creative strategy with an analytic approach. This leads to innovation on all levels of the organization.

At the Kabardian Group, we work with our clients to drive innovations in everything from big-picture thinking to tactical implementation. It is a passion of ours, and we truly do excel at helping our clients to uncover their own capacity for innovation by seeing what others do not and shining a light. By uniting creative thinking with the power of analytics, we are able to create replicable strategies for innovation across industries.

We offer our clients a way to combine creative and analytic lenses to innovate at the product or process level. Our commitment to innovation and improvement helps us to guide our clients by drawing on what is already successful about the organization and helping our clients to refine processes and products to amplify their success. Working in an atmosphere of trust and excellent communication, we help awaken our clients to their strengths and weaknesses, unearth motivation, and build on intelligence and business insights to generate and refine ideas that work.

Strategy execution

Companies routinely say that they prioritize strategy execution, but are often less certain of how to achieve it. Research shows that alignment, mindset and capability together are necessary to drive strategy execution. When staff are in alignment about the goals of the strategy and understand how to execute them, when they have the underlying enthusiasm and passion for the strategy, and when they possess the right skills and abilities to execute the strategy, then success is assured. While this formula may sound simplistic, we find that it is highly effective when implemented in full.

The Kabardian Group works with all the stakeholders necessary to build the alignment, mindset, and capacity necessary for successful strategy execution. All too often, off-site events designed to rally support for the strategy end up diluting the message or failing to engage stakeholders, leading to problems in execution. Instead of focusing on getting the message out there, we emphasize skill-building and consensus-building among key parties. This targeted method allows us to quickly address behaviors that hold up change, and turn them around to impact the strategy execution and deliver better, faster results for our clients.

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